Where do I live?

It ain’t much… for others, but it’s home for us.

OK, I’d better come clean: I don’t actually live in Seville itself – the city.

I live about 10 minutes outside, in a village up the hill to the west. But I’ve learned, in my eight years living here, that it’s quite acceptable to be vague/casual/cavalier about any detail or information, and that includes saying exactly where you live – 10km or so is near enough.  Anyway, I live in Seville province, so that counts too.

I’m lucky enough to be just a couple of minutes from the motorway, which sweeps me down into Sevilla capital super-fast, yet in the countryside.

This is what happens when we don’t mow the lawn for a couple of weeks.

The house is next to an olive grove, is set in a good-sized plot of land down a quiet road, and has a couple of lemon and almond trees, but no spectacular garden (unless you count overgrown wild flowers like these) or veg plot – though we’re working on that, along with about 10 other half-finished projects.

Misty autumn morning – our lemon trees…

and a springtime view of olivos and margaritas.

One well-to-do visitor took one look at my house asked me, astonished, if I lived there permanently, ie not just at weekends or in the summer. No, if I’m honest, it’s not quite the sort of place where I expected to be living, in my 40s with two kids, but there we go.

So… great garden, great location, crap house. Well, you can’t have everything, can you?

As we’re in the countryside, we get plenty of visiting animals.

Here are some of the beasties – welcome and less so – which have appeared in our house and garden over the years.

A stray cat someone, er, lent us as few months ago. He’s still here.

Lizard – lagarto, also called tiñosa or salamancesa in our local towns.

A snake we found, dried up, wrapped around the water pump, which had stopped working.

Snakeskin, one of many we’ve found in the garden.

and finally, a live snake!

This bunny took up residence in a paddling pool. He was probably taking refuge from hunting dogs, which often pass by our garden.

These ducklings landed in our pool, then their mum went off to get their dad, and together their parents took them to safety. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

Not sure the dog would like this for his dinner. There’s a whole colony of them in our (unused) swimming pool, and they give us a concert every night during the summer. So much nicer than it sounds.

It’s a bug’s life.

Very blurry image of a stoat – couldn’t get a decent picture, cos the little bugger was too fast.

This cat was also “loaned”, by a friend who already had 18 in his house. He chose to leave us and adopt a neighbour, but the other one stayed. We found the dog in the olive grove next door when he was a tiny puppy – but that’s another story. They fight like – yes, exactly.