I’m a journalist, translator, teacher, wife and mother living in southern Spain.

I write (for blogs, magazines, newspapers and websites)  about Seville and its quirks, excitements and frustrations; about living here as an expat; about bringing up bilingual atheist children who can exist happily between two cultures; about being married to an Andalucian builder (insert mañana joke here); and about keeping a sense of humour – especially for the more surreal everyday experiences in this crazy, upside-down country.

I also have another blog, my “work” blog, on the website I wrote for, andalucia.com. It’s the most-read English-language website about Andalucia, with over 4,000 pages. Here it is - I post every week, about everything to do with Andalucia: what’s happening in terms of news, politics, culture, food, the weather…

No interesting hobbies, I’m afraid (apart from blogging, of course!), although I love photography and messing about with my wonderful Canon G12. For years I have driven my family mad by taking photos of everything I see, everywhere we go. Which I can now use in my blog – see, guys, those hours of standing about were all worth it. Almost all the photos used on this blog were taken by me, unless stated otherwise.

If you want to read more (and I am reticent, in that typically English self-effacing way, to shove stuff about myself down your throat), then here are some “interviews”:

As a Recommended Blog (see badge, below left) on global networking/guide site InterNations – guess they had to make sure I wasn’t an axe-murderer first.

On Josh’s Spain for Pleasure blog – he lives in Granada, and provides a 20-something’s take on the English teaching expat experience. He calles his interviews with other expats, the Spanish Inquisition. The young wag.

On Will Peach’s fantastically cheeky blog, My Spanish Adventure  (he calls the slot My Spanish Lovers – geddit?).

On The Spain Scoop, Nancy and Regina’s informative site about Spain – I also write for them.

Expats Blog  - yet another one (getting bored yet?)


I was runner-up in the travel (Go!) section of the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging awards 2012, the UK’s biggest “Mummy blogging” awards, and shortlisted in the 2013 and 2014 awards.

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    • Of course I had time to read your comment, and your post! What’s the point of blogging, if you don’t respond to what people say about your blog? Thank you very much for the mention in your post as “Best Blog” – I am delighted to have a Spanish person not only reading my blog, but recommending it! Like you, I don’t get enough time to read other people’s blogs. I hope you continue to read it, as I shall yours!

  1. “insert mañana joke here” LOL :) I lived in Madrod for a couple of years in my late teens (am from UK now living in Australia) and then au paired in Madid and Valencia, and studied (I use the term loosely) in Leon in my early 20s for a little over a year. Love Spain, still speak Spanish although rusty now – my early years there inspired me to study Hispanics at university. Great memories! Thanks for visiting The Mindful Mum. I look forward to seeing you around the blogosphere :)

  2. Greetings. I’m always looking for blogs about Spain and most especially written by people who live there. Looking forward to perusing more of your blog. Nice to meet you :)

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog via Olive Press. Absolutely love it. I hope that one day my blog about Granada (which co-incidentally looks a lot like yours) can be as in depth as this! My reading list is spiralling out of control!


    • Thanks Josh – I’m sure you know Molly’s blog – she has an amazing output. My aim is to blog more often, in shorter posts, but I never quite manage it! Granada is a wonderful city, loads of potential topics.

  4. Hi Fiona, just wanted to say thanks again for the book recommendations you gave me (http://themindfulmum.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/escaping-into-the-days-of-empire/). I’ve read The Glass Palace & East of the Sun and enjoyed them both very much, especially the former. I’m saving Staying on until I’ve read The Raj Quartet (so may be some time lol). I’ve made a list, if you have any to add please share http://themindfulmum.wordpress.com/days-of-empire-a-reading-list/ . Heat & Dust was very good too.
    Happy New Year :)

  5. Hello, I understand from your blog that you got married in andalucia. We are hoping to get married in Seville. We are two british nationals and I wondered if you had any advice for us on the paper work or requirements? Also your thoughts on the best venues would be really helpful! Thanks in advance for your help, clarissa and Jack

    • Hi Clarissa, I didn’t actually get married here, but I’ve asked around and sent you an email with some pointers. Let me know if you don’t receive it. Fiona

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