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Whinging about the heat

I´m too hot, I want to go back to England. Our flight (me and toddler) is only nine days away, but they are nine tantalising, torturous days, nine days of 40-degree-heat-without-air-con, nine days of listlessless and drowsiness, nine days of fantasising about green grass, cool rooms, clouds and fridges that work. In short, nine days too many. I always get to this point of being utterly miserable and desperate to leave by the beginning of July, when, as my MN puts it, ´´not even the flies are out´´ during the day, such is the degree of scorchio and viciousness of the sun´s heat.

But, hey that´s where the blog comes in! I have no commissions pending, just a translation that is dribbling in veeeeeeery slowly (three articles a week, as opposed to three every day), so I can burble on here quite happily. I don’t really care if anyone reads it, it makes me feel better!! The baby is having a super-siesta, cos he didn’t sleep well last night – none of us did – it´s still baking when he goes to bed, but then cools off about 3am, when he gets cold, so have to we cover him up with a blanket.

I do sometimes feel I´m going a little mad with only a 21-month-old child for company – living out in the sticks is great for peace, quiet, privacy, wandering round the garden in your underpants (MN, not me – and not a great look for him, to be honest) and wildlife study (lizards, 4 different types of ant, crested shrieking birds etc), but not for social life. The weeks when MN is working away from home, like this one, are the weeks when I drag my lazy arse to mother and baby group – not my scene – what do I have in common with these people, other than a small child… ? er, well, nowt, in fact. But it´s good for exchanging info on where to buy English stuff, new shop openings (Clarks, with children´s width fittings – caused great excitement), when everyone´s going to the UK, and returning.

At least May was lovely this year, mild and delicious, nothing remotely uncomfortable, warm days and perfect evenings. Ideal, in fact. As it should be, as it´s when my birthday is. 

2 thoughts on “Whinging about the heat

  1. sue sutherland

    Hi Fi, I haven’t done the dusty spot behind the door or any of those other thing although I need to! – especially the fridge. I’ve had a very quick look at your blog but not a full read yet but I will and I think you are very clever. Hope to see you soon Sue

  2. Helen Maher

    Fi, never read your blog before! Keep writing! Do an update on having 2 kids now and when’s the house getting building permission? Lots of love Helen x

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