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Want: 9 things I’d quite like, er, please

I’m not that active in the mummy blogging sphere, although there are a few Spanish or travel-themed ones which I read regularly.

So when I saw that fellow ex-Londoner, adoptive-Andalucian Bibsey Mama had tagged me in a meme, under her section heading of “Arse Posts”, I rubbed my hands with glee – her memes are always good, clean(ish), self-indulgent fun. Like a big slice of chocolate cake.

However she’s also one of the funniest bloggers I know, if not as appreciated as she should be (in my opinion), so while I cackled with delight when reading her “Wants”, I knew I she had set the bar high, as always. Bibsey’s a hard act to follow.

Anyway, here goes with my own Wants, jotted down earlier today in the bath on my iPhone straight after I read hers – it’s either do it on the spot, or forget about it for the next month.

1. World Peace – let’s start with the little things. A safe future for our children, etc.

2. Patience, especially with my children. By 8.30pm I’m usually at breaking point, especially if my angelic-looking-diabolical-personality three-year-old has yet again refused to eat her dinner. Gah. I’ve signed up for a parenting course (in Spanish) in our local town, so that’ll be interesting. If I can understand it.

3. An iPad. I coveted an iPhone for some years, before finally being offered a free one. If I do ever get one of these beauties (I had a taste with my Mum’s over the summer), prizing it out of the diabolical one’s iron grip while she’s watching Peppa Pig for the 89th time will be fun. I can’t count the number of times my son’s asked me to buy him an iPad. “I’m getting one before you, mate.” is my usual response. Also, I’ve spent the last few months writing about iPad cases and stands made of eco-gorgeous leather offcuts, reclaimed wood and recycled wetsuits, all the while drooling helplessly over the damn things.

4. Green fingers. We’re finally planting our huerta – vegetable patch – and I’ve never had much luck with plants, so I’m hoping that will change and we’ll have rows and rows of lovely organic carrots which the kids dig up themselves. I’ll be looking to Andalucian kitchen garden expert Chica Andaluza for tips.

5. Housepride. I’m not one of those people whose house looks like something from the pages of an interiors magazine. At all. To give you an idea, one friend who came to visit said, looking aghast at my bedroom with its heaps of children’s clothes on every surface, “But how can you live like this?”. I’m not remotely bothered about paint colours or fabrics either, but I can’t help feeling I should be. My house looks like a cross between a student pad and a garage sale where a gang of out-of-control children has been running rampage, scattering toys in their wake. (Er, the last bit’s true.)

6. A magic wand to tidy up all my unfiled, but terribly important, piles of paper which will be essential research material for an article one day, and cannot possibly be thrown away (as I tell me husband when he brandishes the bin in a threatening fashion, again). But getting around to sorting them out myself, well…

7. More controllable hair – curly hair is a curse – unstyleable, an impossible challenge for Spanish hairdressers, and please don’t mention straighteners. I’ve tried a couple of times and my son is still traumatized. “Mum, you’re never going to have straight hair again, are you?” he asks me, with trepidation, nearly a year later.

8.  Home-delivery sushi I love raw fish nearly as much as I love my own children, but as we live down a dirt track, it’s unlikely anyone’s going to be nipping along on their moped with some nigiri in a chiller bag from the hippest Japanese restaurant in town. Arse.

9. A brilliant business plan/money-making idea – I’m sure there are loads out there, just waiting to be grabbed. Still waiting for my lightbulb moment. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m going to be somewhat unoriginal with my tags for this meme – my much-tagged Sevillana friend, who will hopefully have some truly weird desires (please don’t let me down, Em!) Digamama, and Quiero Milk, a Seville-based Anglo-Spanish blog (it means “I want milk” – that’s the first one sorted, then). Go guys!

7 thoughts on “Want: 9 things I’d quite like, er, please

  1. Paddy Waller

    Great post,Fiona,,enjoyed the bit about decor and kids toys etc Ah the joys of having children. As our youngest is now 22 the memories of children have faded into dreamlike bliss where everything was fun but thinking hard I can remember the stressful times as well as the good ones.Kids who’d have em?

    1. Fiona Flores Watson

      Thanks, Paddy. Next up for you is grandkids, though not quite yet I should imagine! The irony of my living situation is that in London I lived in a nice three-bed house with a big kitchen-diner, while my house here is much smaller, and I now have two kids!! Swings and roundabouts of living in Spain, I guess. At least I can’t complain about the weather…

  2. azahar

    Totally hear you on the HAIR issue. But I always think yours looks great!

    As for iPads… I barely use mine. At home I’m usually working on the laptop. The iPad is good for browsing the web, playing games, reading – all things I never have time for. So you may find that your kids would use it much more than you.

    There are LOADS of great biz ideas out there. You may find, like I did, that one or two are right under your nose. We should do another brainstorming session soon.

    1. Fiona Flores Watson

      Thanks for the hair approval – it’s a good thing you don’t see me at the school gates in the morning – some of the looks I get from mothers and children are only explained when I get home and look in the mirror… I love using iPads for anything visual, or basic writing stuff like FB, Twitter, though never for writing articles. As you say, it’s more of a toy, if a very cool and desirable one. I’m sure you’re right about the ideas. I feel I have plenty of know-how and “local expertise”, just no way of exploiting it!

  3. Bibsey Mama (@BibseyMama)

    Brilliant. I really relate to some of these. If I get my tame hairdresser I will send him/her over to ‘control’ your hair and also load him/her up with some sushi. Don’t know where I am going to find sushi in the Alpujarras…

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