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Todos necesitamos un poco de… color

In the midst of these interesting political times, I thought it might be good to have a change of topic. A splash of colour. Some blooming marvellous flora.

As part of my ongoing research into pretty much everything and everywhere worth visiting here in Seville, last week I went to two gardens next to each other on Isla Cartuja. This area of the city is across the river Guadalquivir from the main part of the city. The Jardin Americano and Jardines del Guadalquivir were both originally built for Seville’s Expo 92, fell into disrepair (along with much of the Expo site), and were repaired and reopened in the past year.

The JA (sorry, can’t be bothered with full moniker) is a botanical garden, with plants donated by countries in the USA and South and Central America; the JG is a park, with some interesting sculptures – interesting, both as in of interest, and “hmm, interesting (what they hell does that mean?)”.

It’s all quite well labelled, but I’m not going to go on about which plants can help you with inflammation or give you a hallucinogenic trip, which you can make tequila from and which will cure cardiovascular disease. Instead, I’m going to show you my own personal favourites, chosen with one criteria only: because they’re pwiddy and colourful.

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