Scribbler in Seville

Metropol Parasol

Flower power at the Setas

li>Yesterday morning the police attacked hundreds of unarmed protestors, who had been camped out in Plaza de Cataluña in Barcelona for nearly two weeks, as part of the 15M/Democracia Real Ya movement. This national network of loosely affiliated groups is demanding…

El pueblo no se calla: the Spanish revolution

El pueblo no se calla: the Spanish revolution

Last night I went down to the Setas, Seville’s new architectural phenomenon. This is the focus of the city’s 15-M acampada (camp-out), our smaller version of Madrid’s 25,000-strong settlement at Puerta del Sol, demanding social, political and economic change, which…

Ancient history underneath the mushrooms

I spend weeks at a time thinking, I must write a post for my blog, but I never seem to manage to get around to actually doing it. Until I see a good Seville blog, which makes me think I must…

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