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Cadiz Carnaval 2017

Cadiz Carnaval 2017

This year, we went to Cadiz Carnaval – not for the first time. Four years ago, my daughter Lola and I dressed up, but this year – despite having a fabulous tiger costume generously given by a genius friend who made…

My most popular posts of 2013, plus a mini-review

You lot seem to think I’m quite amusing. What am I, funny like a clown? En serio – my most popular new posts, published last year, are mostly silly ones. Well, not silly – highly intelligent, witty and astute, of course.…

Carnaval de Cadiz, family style

It started as a casual conversation with a complete stranger outside a restaurant. He was from Cadiz, and wanted to know if we were going to Carnaval? Hmm, not sure, bit full-on with kids, we replied. Nah, he said, you’ll…

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