Scribbler in Seville


A weekend in Costa Ballena: spa, surfing and sherry.

Like most families with young children, we tend to book self-catering apartments when we go away. Much more flexible, with our own kitchen and fridge, so we can eat what we want, when we want, where we want; plus the extra…

Carnaval de Cadiz, family style

It started as a casual conversation with a complete stranger outside a restaurant. He was from Cadiz, and wanted to know if we were going to Carnaval? Hmm, not sure, bit full-on with kids, we replied. Nah, he said, you’ll…

Cadiz Beach life

Cadiz Beach life

The hot weather has arrived. And what do kids love to do best in the summer? Go to the beach. And who am I to deny them their dearest wish? Better than sitting at home sweating and wanting to kill…

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