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My first blogging award, 2011 in review, and 2012 (eek)

I know I’m a bit late in doing a year review, but it’s still January (by the skin of my teeth), and I haven’t even sent off our Christmas thank you letters yet (written two weeks ago, lost on my desk, then refound a week ago).


Back in November, I was given this award by fellow Andalucian expat mummy blogger Bibseymama. She is extremely funny and I urge you to read her blog, whether or not you live here, and whether or not you have kids. She has a great way of looking at the world which is guaranteed to make you chuckle.

I was supposed to pass the award on to recently-discovered bloggers. Um, I didn’t quite manage that because *whispers* I don’t get much time to read other bloggers. Although, since Bibsey’s kind award, I’ve started making more effort to read more food and Andalucia ones, and even about food and Andalucia. (Part of this is bloggers’ etiquette, which comes down to simple manners – you comment on my blog, and I’ll comment on yours.) You can find them in the column to the right.

I was lucky enough to get second award that month – Quiero Milk, who writes about her mission to become bilingual – very kindly gave me a Best blog award. And it was even in my favourite colour – pink!


Last year was a busy one for my blog – I did 60-odd posts, including nearly one a day in October, for A Post A Day. I was encouraged (OK, mercilessly harrased) into it by fellow blogger Digamama. That experience was a curious sweet torture – writing and blogging (in other words formatting text, adding photos) which I love, and having to come up with an idea for a post on a daily basis which I found a struggle. But it was a good exercise. I had a loooong break once October was finished. I’ve also been getting more followers, subscribers and comments, which is very exciting and makes it all worthwhile. I love hearing people’s  comments, criticisms and observations. So please, keep ’em coming!

The blogging highlights for me were getting my new camera (which I STILL don’t know how to use properly); watching a flamenco performance with my close personal friends, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duquesa de Alba; and cheering the latter on at her wedding (for some reason, my invitation to the marriage ceremony itself failed to materialise. Bloody Spanish postal system). That post was my best performer of the year. Thanks, Cayetana.


Looking forward to 2012, which we’re already now a month into, I’ve shied away from having to think too much about what lies ahead. Jobs, economy, the future, pensions – the mere thought makes me come out in a cold sweat and go and find a large bar of chocolate to eat.

The key to (my) sanity.

Many bloggers listed what they wanted to do this year. The only thing I want is for my husband to get a job. Boring as hell, but there we go. Therein lies this family’s economic and emotional stability. My hopes aren’t high – unemployment is predicted to continue heading north – but you never know.


Things I want to achieve this year: read more Spanish books; learn how use my lovely camera properly and take some good photos (my brother’s a photographer, and I’ve always wanted to impress him); cook more home food; tidy up my office.

My flashy camera, of whose controls I can use an impressive 10%. One of my aims this year is to actually (gasp) learn how to use it. Read the instructions, like. Steady, girl.

I like to be realistic – I’m not going to arse on about getting fit, running a marathon, learning Arabic, giving up chocolate, or any such high-falluting nonsense. Cleaning my house more often is about my level of aspiration. Doing more crafts with the kids. Baking the odd cake. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

10 thoughts on “My first blogging award, 2011 in review, and 2012 (eek)

  1. Bibsey Mama

    Hello! Oh my, hopes and fears for 2012… cold sweats? I know just what you mean. Fingers crossed for your husband. Looking forward to reading more of your scribbling in 2012 and seeing some of the photos from your new and newly mastered camera. BM x

  2. Frank Burns

    ….I’m a ‘newbie’ to your blog, and I enjoy it very much. But then you are probably ‘preaching’ to the already converted………..I am a life-long hispanofile who is still fascinated by all things Spanish/hispanic. Thanks for the great posts…….I am getting to know Sevilla ‘poco a poco’

    1. Fiona Flores Watson

      Thanks, CA. Had a go with the camera yesterday afternoon, but haven’t had time to examine the results yet. Loved your multi-coloured cake, BTW, it was quite a work of art. I may do attempt something similar, in shades of pink, for my daughter’s birthday in a few weeks – turning three, and a pinkaholic.

  3. Mother Theresa

    Just found your blog, and I think I’ll hang around for a bit. Good luck with the camera and the other goals for 2012, it sounds very sensible to keep them simple. I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions because often they don’t materialize, so I stick to accomplishing more simple goals as well. And, wow, you met the Duquesa de Alba…that’s seriously cool! Keep on scribbling!

    1. Fiona Flores Watson

      Thanks, nice to have you stop by! I love your blog – your cup runneth over with awards, and your bull run photos are amazing! I’ve been scribbling for 20 years now, so I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

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