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My favourite gadget

No, it’s not an Apple. I’m not going to launch into a paean of praise for Steve Jobs, although I have owned an imac and an ipod, both of which I found very user-friendly, and I had been pondering whether to buy an iphone 4S (although they’ll probably be even more impossible to get hold of now).

When I’m in Spain, I need tangible, visible links to home. I have my floral handbag.

My new handbag, by English designer Cath Kidston.

I also have various other CK goodies, with English rose and other cheery prints which you could never find here in Spain. Kidston is very popular with expats, since they make you feel, as one friend put it, that “you’re taking a little bit of England back with you”.

Tea towel, mug and plastic plate - I haven't chucked out my chintz.

And a teapot (how much more English can you get?) that I was given as wedding present, so that has even more sentimental value.

Emma Bridgewater ceramics can be found in kitchens across England.

But the addition to my home in Spain – also a present, from my clever brother – which really makes me feel closer to England is my Revo Wifi Internet Radio.

Small and easily portable, I can take it around the house with me, or into the garden, listening to The Archers, or Saturday Live, or Craig Charles’ Funk & Soul Show (Saturday evening, Radio 6, the best music show around, guaranteed to have you shakin’ your booty). I can also attach my ipod, though there’s no actual ipod station. It can probably do other fancy things too, though I’m fine with my BBC stations.

The wonderful gadget that makes my life at home infinitely happier.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a present which has bought me so much pleasure on a daily basis. I don’t mind washing up, and I really quite enjoy cooking, as I rant at some politician who is being interviewed, or sing along to Chaka Khan. As I work from home, it is used continually and keeps my company as I do my chores.

And even better, it’s made by a Scottish company (although this particular model isn’t available any more). No snazzy design, just the freedom to listen to radio stations and podcasts from around the world. It even comes with UK, European and US plugs. In a fire, I would rescue my children and this. Oh yes – and my laptop.

My adored Wifi radio. Never mind an iphone, I couldn't live without this.

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