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Morning glory

Every morning, when I’m driving the kids to school, we see a flock of birds wheeling around in the sky just above the spot where we park the car.

On sunny mornings, which is more often that not, the sun catches the underside of their wings, which glow rosy with the early sun.

It is such a beautiful sight to make your heart lift, even when you’re grumpy because one or both of the kids wouldn’t get up/get dressed/eat their breakfast/get in the car etc.

I’ve been meaning to take some photos of them – proper ones, with my good camera – for ages, but this morning after I was walking back to the car, I thought, “Sod it”, as you do, and stood there looking like an eejit, snapping away with my mobile phone.

The other parents who passed me, on the way back from school as well, looked at me as if I was barking mad. But then, I’m used to that around here.

The birds come round plenty of times, so I had ample opportunity, but still the photos didn’t come out brilliantly. However they should give you some idea of this wonderful vision.

I don’t know what kind of birds they are, or why they fly like this – looking for food or water, perhaps – but I love seeing them. They’re a good start to the day. What sights make you happy in the morning?

6 thoughts on “Morning glory

  1. Bibsey Mama

    Fab photos whatever you say about them. What never fails to lift my spirits every morning is the view from our terrace. Even bad weather just makes it more dramatic.

    1. Fiona Flores Watson

      Thanks, Bibsey. Your comment just lifted my spirits, as my husband took car out, forgetting kids were going to Halloween stuff in village, so we missed it and I’m furious. Next time I will video those birds to watch when I’m feeling pissed off, whatever the time of day!!!!

  2. azahar

    Not sights, but…

    The smell of coffee brewing as I lay tucked up in bed (well-trained flatmate! 😉 )

    And in springtime the light fragrance of the orange blossoms always lifts my spirits, no matter what.

    Love the pics of those birds.

    1. Fiona Flores Watson

      Yep, the azahar fragrance is pretty gorgeous, although just seeing the oranges on the trees in the orchard next to my son’s school is not bad. I love that the kids grow up seeing where fruit comes from. Thanks re the birds pics, will take good camera next week.

      1. azahar

        Sometimes my iPhone takes better shots than my point & shoot Nikon. Especially close ups. Anyhow, you are due a Picasa class – it’s so easy to use and will really open up your options.

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