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Happy Christmas!

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I’m not one of those clever people who can design an online greetings card, so here’s a nice Christmassy picture, with tree, skating rink and lights (even if it is in black and white). As with 99% of the images on this blog, I took it myself – I don’t like using other people’s images where I can use one of my own.

I’d like to wish everyone who reads this blog, whether occasionally or unfailingly, a very jolly Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

It is always great to read your comments on these posts, so please keep tuning in during 2013. As I write this the wind is whipping round the trees outside in a very wintery and ghostly way (WOOOOOoooooooh!). We’re snuggled up in the house, psyching up to wrap presents once the kids are in bed. And then hoping for a sneaky snifter round the pub afterwards, braving the gale and driving rain.


Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break with plenty of downtime (I’m going to try a computer and iPhone-free day tomorrow), feasting and good cheer.

And if anyone can guess where the first photo was taken, I’ll buy you a new year’s drink!

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