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Gorgeous gloves and design-your-own hats

It’s nearly the end of the week, and I think we all need a little light relief from dead dictators, stolen babies and oppressed women.

So I’m bringing you some clothes-related news I’ve spotted recently.

H&M and Versace have got together to do a new range, limited edition of course, which hits the stores on 17 November. Not being Gucci, you can’t put your name down on a waiting list; you’ll just have to fight your way into the Swedish on-trend mecca with all the other fashionistas. I’m guessing that in London it will get messy; possibly not quite so much here in Spain.

It’s a bit too rock star/leopard print/young for me, but I will definitely check it out when it arrives. IF studded leather is your thing, you will love it. Could work for a trendy niece or god-daughter.

Zara’s accessories store, Uterque (pron: oo-ter-kay), has somehow passed me by until now, not being much of a shop-window-browser these days. It has been around for a few years (although as yet doesn’t have any shops in the UK), and it’s big on leather, so the boots, bags and belts are what to keep a look out for; it’s more grown-up than Zara, which is quite, er, young (for me, at least) – think 20s party girl who cares about keeping up with the latest trends.

Insiders call Zara “fashion forward”, which means it catches the hottest looks and gets them on the shelves before other stores – I think. This one looks like Zara’s older sister, who’s got a serious job but still wants to look chic, though more elegant – Nicole Kidman rather than Nicola Roberts.

I covet these driving gloves, and the metallic bag – roll on the January sales.

These boots aren’t bad either – great for chilly winter mornings taking the kids to school.

And finally, getting ready for winter, some bright and colourful woolies, just like your granny used to knit – except these actually are knitted by grannies. You can either choose one of their designs, or come up with your own individual – choose a hat, scarf or snood and then let your inner Matisse out and go for it – their Merino wool comes in 24 colours, and five stitch styles, including my personal favourite, cable knit.

With lots of stripes, you can go mad with a multicolour number worthy of Dr Who, or just opt for a sophisticated plain one. You can then add a bow, flower or a pom-pom on a hat, or a fringe on your scarf. I love and will be ordering several Christmas presents from them – they do all sizes, from newborns to kids to adults.

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