Scribbler in Seville

Good Things and Bad Things about living in Spain

Good Things about living in (southern) Spain

the weather –  sun, sun, sun – even in winter

eating out – cheap, good and quick (mostly)

laid-back attitude – no rush, get here when you can, noone minds if you´re late for a social event, or if you turn up with three mates

manners – you´re not expected to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ all the time – very informal and relaxed

Bad Things about living in (southern) Spain

the weather – sweat-inducing, thirst-making, hair-dryer blasting heat; damp in winter

eating out – boring tapas in tourist traps if you´re not careful

laid-back attitude – I´ll get there as soon as I can be arsed to get my backside off this chair and finish this beer, have a chat with my mates on the way out, then stop off to say hi to my brother-in-law, see how my nephew is doing in his new job, drop round to my mistress´ for a quick shag, etc etc, and finally get to you in about four hours´ time

manners –  you´re not expected to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ all the time – can descend into rudeness – gestures like holding doors open for people, waiting to allow cars to pass, are rarely acknowledged with a ´thank you´ or a wave. Showing consideration, ie  pausing to allow someone else to go past or pull out when driving, is seen as a weakness here. If you don´t drive assertively, you won´t get anywhere, literally.

TV – apart from the odd documentary on TVE2, and talent shows, should the mood take you, it is a big old cartload of steaming, stinking, third-rate shite. However, having said that, some of it is so bad, is it hypnotically unmissable. On Thursday night, Tomares TV (local town´s TV station) has a giggling brunette bimbo presenter who is the spitting image of a hilarious, thick-as-shit drag character on Homozapping. OK, yes, there is some reasonably comedy, but overall it´s rubbish, and all foreign programmes are dubbed, for god´s sake.


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