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Feria fashion: back to black

This year, Feria fashion has some interesting trends.

The first is black – this isn’t a colour I’ve seen much in previous years, but this year there were a number of black trajes de flamenca. Maybe they’re a commentary on Spain’s economic situation – although red would be more appropriate.

Some had lace or sheer chiffon polka-dot sleeves, or little cropped jackets, like the one you can see below, or were even made entirely of lace, like a walking mantilla. Fine if you’re in mourning, a little lugubrious if you’re not.

There were also dresses with very low backs, and dresses with chiffon volantes – shiny net frills – all very glamorous and evening-y. I even saw a sequinned and beaded traje – but my friend and I agreed, the effect was rather too Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Unfortunately, a combination of crowded pavements, and inability to respond immediately thanks to fiddly iPhone camera apps, exacerbated by a rebujto-addled brain, meant that I missed some fab photo opps – sorry. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

I also noticed a trend for shiny satin fabrics, above (yellow and flower prints are among my least favourites for flamenco dresses, so this one was painful) and metallics, such as this silver flower.

That old favourite, broderie anglaise, was also around, especially with a co-ordinating colour underneath, showing through the little holes, so that you get a two-tone double-layer effect.

Some dresses had a fine lace overlayer, which I loved. This one had a little lace applique waistcoat.

And here’s one I spotted on the way home (hence the ugly metal wall in the background), which ticked all the boxes: black – check; metallic flower – check (even if it’s a bit Christmas decoration); chiffon sleeves – check; low back – check. She’s even got her necklace hanging down her back – a true Feria trendsetter.

21 thoughts on “Feria fashion: back to black

    1. Fiona Flores Watson

      Yes, arses are always in with flamenca dresses – one of the things I love about them, along with the swishy ruffles! Skinny women with no boobs can’t carry off the look nearly as well as curvy women *she says, smugly* (although, as with anything, a clever cut can help). In terms of feeling glam and “womanly”, it’s the next best thing to wearing a wedding frock!!

  1. Michi

    I’d been debating on whether to make it out to feria or not this. I’m not a huge fan of crowds and would like to be dressed up for the event, so I didn’t make out this time around. I love the broderie anglaise dresses, especially the red one!! I think I’d wear that one myself. 🙂

    1. Fiona Flores Watson

      I know exactly what you mean, I found the crowds exhausting – it can take a while to get from one caseta to another, as the pavements are so packed, and you risk getting run over by a horse and carriage if you wander into the road, and then you lose your friends, and it’s impossible to hear anyone on the phone as it’s so noisy, so What’s App is pretty essential. I felt quite done-in after my visit! Must be getting old. Getting dressed up def’ly worth it, as it’s fun and it makes you feel more part of it all.

  2. Frank Burns

    Such good photos, I will forward this link to a few friends. So many god things about living in Sevilla.
    As an aside, I noticed your blog theme is called “Muy Bueno” which, of course, it is… I re-formatted my own blog with the same theme. ‘Tis funny how a new theme can spruce up the appearance……just like a coat of new paint! Thanks for that.

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  4. helloitsgemma

    Seville has long been on my list of places to visit, almost got there on New Year and instead spent 10 days in Galicia instead.
    This looks wonderful – I’d love one these dresses – I think the red lace one! No idea where I’d wear it! but maybe fun just to swish about the house in it.

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