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Feria 2017 – the big fashion stories: yellow, lace, shoulders and sleeves

The Feria is Seville’s most colourful festival – women (and girls) wear dresses in every shade, like exotic birds with iridescent plumage.

A ride in a horse and carriage with your friends is a must, to see and be seen.


The Feria de Abril is the annual spring fair in Seville, where women and men dance together, ride horses, drink sherry, and often meet their future husband or wife. It is a spectacle not to be missed, if you ever get the chance to come. The sun-drenched streets are packed with dazzlingly bright, tight-fitting dresses, gleaming carriages and perfectly-groomed horses. It’s a photographer’s dream.

This year at the Feria – which started on a Saturday night for the first time ever, and also now lasts eight days – a number of eye-catching fashion details were spotted on trajes de gitana: colours of dresses and accessories, fabrics, and styles.

The new strongest shade for this year was definitely yellow, while two notable trends were sleeves in complementary fabrics, fringed shoulders, and lace, as well as one-shouldered dresses. I also spotted some panels inset into dresses, and perfect for topping off Feria 2017 were coronas, hairbands with flowers, as well as gold roses worn in the hair.

Which look is your favourite?

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This feriante has chosen two different sleeve styles – one fringed, and one ruffled.

Beige shoulder fringes on a turquoise dress add a sophisticated touch.

Chiffon sleeves look chic on this cerise-pink frock.

Discreet little buttons on white fringes provide a strong contrast on this black dress.

Lace was a huge trend this year, with sleeves leading the way.

Black lace looks fabulous / the other lady is rocking another of this year’s big trends – floral headbands.

Cream lace with a pink skirt. together with a posy of flowers on the head, is fresh and summery.

She’s captured two trends in her dress: lace, and one shoulder.

Yellow and black lace make a stunning combination. She-s even got the chiffon sleeves and shoulder fringing. Ole!

Yellow and one chiffon sleeve – and a matching child too.

Classic polka dots and a shawl – never goes out of fashion.

As well as floral garlands, gold flowers were a new look for this year.

Metallic is not a usual Feria thing.

Other interesting details this year included this sherry bottle-and-glass holder. You put the central hole over the neck of a half-bottle of manzanilla, and the small plastic glasses in the surrounding four. A whole round of drinks in one hand!

Clever marketing – potato crisps in the colour scheme of the Feria’s casetas. “Quillo” is short for “chiquillo”. meaning boy or kid.

I never tire of this sight – the man in his traje corto with Cordobes hat, and the girl with her pretty fringed shawl.

One major addition this year was a caseta for tourists, complete with cashpoint and menus in three languages. Shame the barmen only spoke Spanish.

This year’s portada design commemorated 25 years since the Expo in Seville…

As well as the 400th anniversary of the birth of the painter Murillo.

And finally – a lady in a red dress, in a red-wheeled carriage, in front of a red caseta.

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