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Favourite Spanish political chants

With all the occupations going on around the world now – and I’m talking Wall Street and St Paul’s, not the Gaza Strip – here’s are a couple of (very short, poor quality) videos from one of the pro-democracy demonstrations back in May, here in Seville, in the country which kicked off the whole anti-capitalist movement.

It’s not about the image – I have yet to master the art of the steady-handed, focussed, vaguely watchable video – it’s about the sound.  For these videos feature two of my favourite chants.

Listen out -right at the very beginning – for “Lo llaman democracia y no lo es.”  – “They call it democracy, but it isn’t.” Sounds much better in Spanish, with the sing-songy tune.



“El pueblo, unido, jamas sera vencido!” – “The people, united, will never be defeated!” This has such a sense of grim determination and Spanish stubbornness, but also melodrama.

That’s it for today – it’s Saturday and I don’t want to see this computer screen for another 24 hours now. Tomorrow I will be blogging about Eco Sevilla, a new fair I’m going to with my family, and hoping to meet Digamama (ex-fellow Post-A-Day-er) with hers there too. It features children’s workshops, organic food, clothes and cosmetics, sustainable building and renewable energy. Don’t miss tomorrow’s post!

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