Scribbler in Seville


Moved by mountains: a trip across the High Alpujarras

Moved by mountains: a trip across the High Alpujarras

I’ve always had a thing about mountains. As a child, we spent a week in the Highlands of Scotland every summer. Idyllic memories of rambling over heather-covered moors, clambering up massive grey lichen-kissed boulders, splashing about in ice-cold burns (streams),…

The Andalucia Show: from Almeria to Seville

My children with their flag, fan and pennant in the regional verde y blanco to celebrate Dia de Andalucia, 28 February. My daughter is proudly showing off her mixed heritage. Children here in Andalucia are inculcated with a strong sense…

Ai WeiWei in Seville: Resistance and Tradition in a 14th-century monastery

Seville is a city which basks in its past glories. Mudejar architectural gems, endless churches built with the riches from the New World in the 16th and 17th centuries, religious paintings and portraits by the likes of Murillo, Zurbaran, Valdes…

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