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Capture the colour

Some weeks ago, fellow travel blogger Abi King of Inside the Travel Lab was kind enough to nominate me for a travel photography competition.

First of all, I make no pretences about being a photographer, certainly nowhere near in the league of Abi. But I love travelling, and I love taking photos.

The competition, “Capture the Colour”, is being run by – you have to show photographs along the theme of blue, green, yellow, white and red. The winner of each colour category wins an iPad, and the overall winner gets £2000.

Blue. This stained glass window is in a modern church near my home in Spain. I was at my nephew’s christening when I noticed it, and managed to sneak in a snap on my iPhone, between chatting to in-laws.

Green. Portugal is one of my favourite places to visit (it’s only an hour and a half away from where I live), and many of the houses there have their exteriors tiled in wonderful colours and designs. This striking pea-green one was in a pretty praça (square) in Lagos, and even better, it had an excellent toy shop on its ground floor.

Yellow. One of the most famous monuments in Seville is the Alcazar, a fortress-palace parts of which date back to the 12th century. I loved the contrast between the grey stone, green hedge, blue sky, and what stands out the most: the blinding ochre-yellow of the building itself.

Red. This restaurant is in Ecuador, where I lived for a year, on the road from Quito to Otavalo – one of the typical haciendas modelled on those in Andalucia, where I now live.  I love the matching painted milk churns.

White. This was in Vermont, between Christmas and New Year, driving to Boston. It was the picture postcard-perfect snowy scene. Totally magical. Also my last big trip before having children – the end of an era.

Now I have to nominate five other bloggers – this is a little mean, considering they only have till 29 August to whip up their entries: Becoming Sevillana, I Heart Mondegreens, Mum’s Gone To, Victoria Wallop and The Artichoke Adventures.

So start searching through your photo archives…

8 thoughts on “Capture the colour

  1. Marianne

    Lovely photos, Fiona. My favourite one is GREEN – how unusual!

    Good luck with your entry into the Capture the Colour competition 🙂

    1. Fiona Flores Watson

      Thanks Marianne – my problem is always that I don’t have time to trawl through all my photos, which are not very well organised and indexed theme or keyword-wise, so I just use what I can find at that moment.

  2. For Bella and Will

    What stunning photographs, seems like you have been round the world 🙂 it is amazing to see how different cultures are and to look at all the different buildings. I must admit I am not much of a traveler but love looking at pictures of other countries and dreaming.

    PS. Found you through Best Post of the Week

    1. Fiona Flores Watson

      Thanks, lots of my travels were years (decades, in fact) before digital cameras, so are now faded colour prints! Which means that these photos are all fairly recent. Glad you found me through the fab BritMums!!

  3. tobyo

    I love all of these!! I’d know that yellow wall anywhere 😉 the alcázar was my favorite site on our visit to Spain two years ago. and I picked my photos for this contest much the same way that you did. it’s much easier looking at the ones on this PC than go thru other, older photos. 🙂

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