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Another view of Seville

A view of the river, Triana bridge, and the walkway on the other side. I bet you can't guess where it's taken from.

Whose great idea was this Wordless Wednesday? I’d like to shake him/her by the hand.

Why? Because it gives me the opportunity to do a post which is all pictures.

So this week, the last of October’s Post A Day madness, I bring you some unusual images of Seville.

A particpant in the annual marathon. Some Semana Santa pasos feature Roman legionaries. I love the way he's fully armed and ready for battle.

A replica (thanks to Azahar for putting me straight) of the statue - La Giraldilla - which sits on top of the Giralda, the former minaret which is Seville's most famous landmark. It is used when the original is brought back down to earth periodically for a clean-up. A rare chance to get a look at a Sevillana icon. Note her slinky, clingy dress and on-trend gladiator sandals.

The foot of a costalero poking out from under a paso. Their slow, carefully orchestrated movements as they carry statues of holy figures on these ornately decorated platforms are one of the integral features of Seville's Semana Santa. It must be a curiously intimate experience, being in a dark, crowded space with all those other men. But all we can see of them is this shoe.

5 thoughts on “Another view of Seville

  1. azahar

    Just want to point out that the Giraldilla in front of the main Cathedral entrance (in your photo) was the “stand in” they used a few years ago when the original one was being repaired.

    1. Fiona Flores Watson

      Thanks for setting me straight on that, Azahar. Either way, it was great seeing her face to face, and getting a look at such a famous but little-seen part of Sevillano history. I wish I’d taken lots more photos now, of all the details of her clothes etc. BTW, did you guess where the river view photo is taken from?

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