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I’ve gone and promised fellow blogger and writer Digamama that I will rise to the challenge of “A post a Day” for the month of October (it’s a WordPress thing). I must be mad. But, as I said to her, writing lots of short posts would be no bad thing for me. Succinct I’m not, given half the chance.

So this post was supposed to be about our family outing to a bird place last Sunday. But it’s already nearly 9.30pm, the kids are with my suegra, so me and my media naranja are off to enjoy a rare kid-free meal (unbroken conversation, get to eat all of our own tapas, no eyes darting around after kids, no inventorising, no loo visits, no screaming fits).

The tweeters (the feathered type) will have to wait for another post – maybe even later tonight, but that will be after 12 midnight, so I’m doing a pre-post, so to speak, just in case. Let’s see if I can keep it up for the next 30 days. And if I can make my posts a bit more interesting… and fix a techie glitch whereby my links – part of my pact with my fellow blogger – don’t work (sorry, Emily, I blame IE9 – it was fine before I moved).

A Post A Day – WordPress’s idea to get people blogging every day – has its home at The Daily Post. During October, you will be able to read all sorts of nonsense here, from random thoughts to reports on guided visits to buildings in Seville, courtesy of Semana de la Arquitectura (Architecture Week). Apologies in advance for any crap, boring, uninspired posts. As they say, tomorrow(‘s post) is another day post.

13 thoughts on “A Post a Day

  1. azahar

    I’ve been doing one post a day on my personal blog “casa az” for almost four years now. This became very important to me during my cancer treatment because no matter how awful I felt, if I got that one post up every day, it meant I had done something.

    Then it got to be a habit that I don’t dare break now. But the “casa az” blog is just my personal scrap book of stuff that happens in my day-to-day life. So if nothing is going on I’ll put up a silly quiz or just some cat pics or whatever. Other times there is news to tell, experiences to talk about, this and that, but I like that there is continuity, something there every day.

    I think that as you get into this you’ll find that you are paying attention to your daily life more than previously, which could be quite good for your writing.

    Anyhow, I am subscribed! 🙂

    1. Fiona Flores Watson

      Thanks for the encouragement, Az. I’m just not sure where I’m going to find the time to think of, let alone put down in polished prose, something that won’t bore the pants off all the kind people like you who have subscribed to my blog, or other who happen to stumble across it. I’m already pushed enough as it is between house, children, animals and day job. But, as you say, if posting becomes a habit, part of the daily routine, then that’s fine. A ver.

      1. azahar

        Polished prose??? If I worried about that then nothing would go up.

        Sounds to me that between house, children, animals and day job you have plenty to write about. Oh, and also Sevilla.

        Btw, how about a gravatar/avatar?

        1. Fiona Flores Watson

          Yes, fair point re subject material – just that I don’t usually blog about kids, as figure boring for some. Re photo, I’ve wanted a new/decent one for some time, so will attempt to instruct OH to come up with something today. At least camera is good.

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