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A merry insta-Christmas in Seville

I love these lights at Puerta Jerez which make the whole sky sparkle.

I love these lights at Puerta Jerez – they make you feel like you’re in a fairytale.

The two-tone lights on this palm tree are so pretty.

The two-tone lights on this palm tree are so pretty.

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Lights, oranges, cathedral.

Sparkly lights on the facade of the Ayuntamiento - lendsnew glamour to boring old "Town Hall".

Sparkly lights on the Ayuntamiento – gives a whole new glamour to boring old “Town Hall”.

The Christmas tree at the Ayuntamiento - its lights change colour, and the facade shines like diamonds.

Christmas tree at the Ayuntamiento – the lights change colour, and the facade shines like diamonds.

I love Christmas – I love the food, the smells, the music, the lights, the whole shebang. I’m a total sucker for it. The multi-coloured lights on Avenida de la Constitucion, the road which goes past the Cathedral, look utterly magical, and the strings of white lights at Puerta Jerez make a fairly ordinary market look like a fairytale wonderland.

lights cathedral

lights from PN

A couple of weeks ago I was out and about with some blogger friends, taking some photos of people in Seville doing their thing, when my camera suddenly packed up – the lens stuck out, and refused to retract. The shop I use here said they can’t help, so my darling Canon G12 will be packed very carefully in my suitcase to be taken to England on our Christmas visit next week, and thence to the Canon hospital as soon as we arrive.

In the meantime, thank goodness for the iPhone and Instagram! I’m not one of those organised people who has a back-up camera (actually, I use my husband’s compact digital, but that’s not working either), so it’s the all-round wonder that is a smart phone to the rescue.

Another of the seasonal delights in Seville is “Mapping” – 3-D video projections onto the rear facade of the Ayuntamiento building, which faces Plaza San Francisco. I was there recently as part of my Past View tour.

You might just be able to make out the Holy Family on this shot below (the white part is Baby Jesus); other images included books, computer code, the constellations, a ship, and a rey mago. The visual effects were quite amazing, with the building appear to bulge, shake and crumble. The last scene was snow – falling across the facade, and also real frozen water falling from the sky over the audience, to everyone’s astonishment and delight. A winter wonderland!

Mapping is on until 31 December, from Monday to Thursday at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm, and Friday to Sunday 7pm, 8pm, 9pm and 10pm.

You can watch the video here.

holy family



coloured windows

constellations 2

old sev drawing

light from window


rey mago


18 thoughts on “A merry insta-Christmas in Seville

  1. Mad Dog

    Fantastic lights – I’m quite impressed by Barcelona’s lights this year and El Corte Inglés have made a big effort in Plaça Cataluña 🙂

  2. restlessjo

    Wow! I hadn’t heard the expression “mapping” before but I have seen the effect on the side of Durham Cathedral during their Lumiere event. Accompanied by atmospheric music, it’s truly magical.

  3. azahar

    Looks great! I saw the mapping last night.

    Have you tried removing the camera battery and putting it in again? That works for me when my lens sticks.

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